Usability Review: Pretsl Prototype

Pretsl, a local startup company built to help light-retail food service businesses organize and manage their online ordering operations reached out to Prime Digital Academy to perform a usability study.

Pretsl's goal was to ensure their e-commerce solution provides a comfortable and familiar online shopping experience for general consumers.

Credibility: Many misspelled words and inaccurate images throughout

Navigability/Accessibility - Unable to filter products on products page

Hierarchy - Product title shown below product image on product page

Usability Evaluation

My team consisted of 4 user experience practitioners. To begin, each of us set out individually to perform a full usability evaluation to familiarize ourelves with the platform, evaluate the usability and identify key areas for improvement.

Heuristic Analysis

To help myself evaluate the prototype I did a heuristic analysis while attempting all of the expected tasks a user would complete within a grocery store prototype and noted all of my findings while providing screenshots of some examples.

I utilized the following heuristics:

  • Simplicity
  • Hierarchy
  • Consistency
  • Credibility
  • Navigability
  • Familiarity
  • Error Prevention & Recovery
  • Effectiveness
  • Responsivity

User Testing

User Test Planning

As a team we then met and discussed our findings included which heuristics we felt were violated the most, which areas of the website prototype had the biggest need for user testing as well as our client's and user's main goals.

We then collectively created our goals for user testing and determined which tasks we'd need to test on users in order to achieve our research goals.

From there we were able to create some scenario's to be used during our tests and went to work on creating a user testing protocol and script.

User Testing

Each team member then conducted 3 remote usability tests using Zoom with users that had previous experience with ordering groceries online.

Each user was asked some initial sensing questions so we could better understand their online shopping and meal planning experience. They were then asked to perform a series of tasks while "thinking-aloud" and walking us through everything they were seeing, thinking and doing.

Once the users had completed the task related questions they were asked to rate their experience in a a few different areas on a scale of 1 to 7 to better undersatdn their feelings as well as provide our clients with some quantitative data.

Synthesizing Our Data

Once all 12 usability tests were complete (3 per team member) our team met to go over our findings and put all of our data together. We each inputted our testing notes into AirTable and then transferred everything to individual sticky notes in Miro.

From there we were able to work collectively to synthesize our findings into key paint points.

Key Findings & Recommendations

Once all of the data had been compiled and synthesized I created a report to send to the client and developers working on the Pretsl prototype.

The report goes over the goals of the project, the process we went through to achieve those goals as well as our findings and recommendations for improving the overall usability of the Pretsl prototype.