Multi-Touchpoint Experience Strategy

EmMe is a Minnesota based startup created to help college athletes monitor their mental, emotional and behavioral health while adjusting to a new stage of life. EmMe asked my team and I to gain a deeper understanding of their primary user group and develop a strategy to encourage program adoption, increase mental health awareness and promote continued engagement.

Research Deep Dive

In order to better understand the mental health problem space EmMe will be operating in, my team and I took a deep dive into the life of college athletes, the guidelines around mental health privacy and existing mental health services within college campuses as well as existing applications and tools to improve mental health.

Touchpoint Strategy Statement

With the information we gathered and discussed from our deep dive we created a touchpoint strategy statement to align our mission and begin developing our strategy of touchpoints.

All user experience touchpoints for EmMe will help college athletes to feel supported and accepted so that they are able to transition into a new phase of life. We will be focusing on mental health, mindfulness, and creating safe spaces. As a result we hope to see a change in willingness to talk about mental health.

System of Touchpoints Strategy Map

Together, we created a baseline of touchpoints that I then developed into a user touchpoint strategy map to show the overall user journey through our series of touchpoints.

Download Touchpoint Strategy Map

Touchpoint Prototypes

To illustrate the different touchpoints within our strategy we created a series of prototypes working our way from low-fidelity sketches to high-fidelity annotated prototypes. I was responsible for the Community Discussion and Chat with a Professional slides.

Client Presentation

Once we had our high-fidelity prototypes built we compiled all of our findings and recommendations into an 8 minute video to help guide our client through our research and strategic touchpoints.