Mobile-Responsive Website Design

Locavori is an early-stage startup that is looking to connect local food and beverage fans with local artisan food & drink makers, growers, and their craft consumables.

Their currently isn't an inclusive marketplace or directory online to find hyper-local food and beverage makers. It was important to both consumers and makers that a personal connection could be made.

Website Redesign

Officiating hockey is difficult and organizations have trouble retaining officials beyond their first season. Skilled, seasoned officials are working towards retirement and there is a large need for lower level officials to improve their skill to be able to fill seasoned officials skates.

To help bring officials back and encourage existing officials to level up their skills I took steps to foster a more inclusive community environment, added resources to promote growth and made key information easier to locate.

Multi-Touchpoint Experience Strategy

EmMe is a Minnesota based startup created to help college athletes monitor their mental, emotional and behavioral health while adjusting to a new stage of life. EmMe has asked myself and my team to gain a deeper understanding of their primary user group and develop a strategy to encourage program adoption, increase mental health awareness and promote continued engagement.

Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL)

DIAL is a global non-profit organization whose mission it is to advance digital inclusion so all women, men and children can benefit from life-enhancing, mobile-based digital services. With this mission in mind DIAL is adding new functionality to their platform called “Playbooks”. Playbooks will serve as ‘how to’ guides for users to leverage digital technologies to solve complex problems.

Pretsl Dashboard Prototype

The Pretsl dashboard was built to allow business owners and managers the ability to manage their online storefront as well as get details about their online operations. My goal was to assess the usability of the current Pretsl dashboard and offer suggestions for improvement based off of user research.

Usability Review: Pretsl Prototype

Pretsl, a local startup company built to help light-retail food service businesses organize and manage their online ordering operations reached out to Prime Digital Academy to perform a usability study.

Pretsl's goal was to ensure their e-commerce solution provides a comfortable and familiar online shopping experience for general consumers.

Prime Welcome Gift Redesign

Prime has been providing a water bottle to its full stack development students as a welcome gift when they arrive on campus. Unfortunately, this water bottle is no longer being manufactured; in addition, staff have heard that some students have found it rather unusable and impersonal.

My goal was to create a more functional and personal welcome gift for future full stack development students when coming to Prime.