My name is Aaron Hiltz.

I’m a user experience designer with a background in graphic design, front-end development and business.

With my unique background and a passion for ‘why’ I create a balanced approach to solving problems for users and businesses alike with an eye for design.

My Journey to UX

Graphic Designer
Received my Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in Graphic Design. I love making things visually appealing.
Front-end Developer
Using online resources I taught myself HTML and CSS. I hard-coded multiple websites before transitioning to WordPress CMS.
Sole Proprietor
I began networking to find small business owners in need of a new website where I utilized my design and front-end development skills.
Marketing Specialist
Educated and advised sales staff on digital product offerings including websites, programmatic ads, SEO, and more.
User Experience Design
I've always had a general interest in psycology and wanted to pair my existing design skills with solid research and understanding of users.

Passions Outside UX

I’m typically a pretty reserved person who prefers listening to speaking, at least until I get to know you. After that, watch out! The following topics are sure to get me talking (proceed with caution).

The Great Outdoors

Growing up in Maine (where the state flower is the pine cone and tassel) I quickly developed my love and respect for the great outdoors. I went on many canoe trips with my family, hiked part of the Appalachian Trail, fished off the jetty in the brackish waters and camped wherever I could. There is just something about the freedom of being in nature that makes me feel at peace and luckily my move to Minnesota hasn’t changed that. I took my first trip to the Boundary Waters a few years ago and can’t wait to go back.


Forced by my parents to start playing hockey at the age of 5 (so I could do karate), I quickly developed a love for the sport (and never did karate). Touché parents! I’m very fortunate to still be able to play, watch and even officiate my favorite sport. PSA: Colorado Avalanche fan for life.


I can’t even imagine a world without travel…(written pre-COVID). Minnesota without a doubt has become my home and is probably my favorite place on earth (sorry Santorini). What is my second favorite place you ask? Somewhere new. While I’ve been fortunate enough to go on multiple Caribbean cruises (RIP cruise industry) and see parts of Canada, Mexico and Europe it’s the ability to explore somewhere new that really gives me a burst of excitement.


I’ve always loved animals and even wanted to be a veterinarian growing up (before lawyer and after archaeologist). Despite not becoming a veterinarian I’ve kept my love of animals. My wife and I currently live with our 3 cats (Cheyenne, Loki & Chance) and dog (Mikko). Even on the roughest of days they can always make me smile.